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Topic Department Phone
Bradford, Chavis Federal Programs Director (601)888-3320 Ext. 10
Child Nutrition Main Office (601)888-3483
Dixon, Lee Special Services Director (601)888-6130
Federal Programs Main Office (601)888-3320
Federal Programs / Child Nutrition Fax Number (601)888-4722
Finch Elementary Main Office (601)645-5081 or 645-5586
Finch Elementary Fax Number (601)645-6358
Finch Elementary Cafeteria (601)645-5532
Gaines, Eric Maintenance (601)888-0871
Jackson, Kimberly Superintendent (601)888-6085
James, Cynthia Inventory/Pre-K Enrollment Clerk (601)888-4734
James, Ingrid Child Nutrition Supervisor (601)888-3483 ext. 13
Jones, Catrice Child Nutrition Executive Assistant (601)888-3483 ext. 11
Jones, Jean Transportation Director (601)888-5009
Lawrence, Vanessa Staff Development (601)888-4728
McCoy, Dorothy Executive Secretary/Purchasing (601)888-3260
MLK Career & Technology Complex Main Office (601)888-4394 or 888-3936
MLK Career & Technology Complex Director (601)888-4739
MLK Career & Technology Complex Fax Number (601)888-4740
Perry, Angela Payroll (601)888-6294
Smith, Sakina Special Services Secretary (601)888-3706
Stanwood, Sarah Federal Programs Assistant/Homeless Liaison (601)888-3320 ext. 12
Tolliver, Meagan Business Manager (601)888-6468
Tolliver, Sharon Accounts Payable (601)888-6386
Wilkinson County Elementary Main Office (601)888-4331 or 888-4332
Wilkinson County Elementary Fax Number (601)888-6335
Wilkinson County Elementary Cafeteria (601)888-4733
Wilkinson County Elementary Counselor (601)888-4331
Wilkinson County High School Main Office (601)888-6207 or 888-4228
Wilkinson County High School Fax Number (601)888-4736
Wilkinson County High School Counselor (601)888-4724
Wilkinson County High School Cafeteria (601)888-3225
Wilkinson County School District Central Office Bus Shop (601)888-3358
Wilkinson County School District Central Office Main Office (601)888-3582
Wilkinson County School District Central Office Fax Number (601)888-3133
William Winans Middle School Main Office (601)645-0008 or 645-0120
William Winans Middle School Fax Number (601)645-0170
William Winans Middle School Counselor (601)645-0060
The Wilkinson County School District does not discriminate in any programs, activities, or hiring on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, or disability. For questions and complaints of alleged discrimination, please contact Kimberly M. Jackson, Superintendent, at 601-888-3582.