All About Us



Wilkinson County School District
(Woodville, Centreville, Crosby)

We are a small district in size, however, big at heart, located in the southwestern part of the State of Mississippi.  We serve approximately 900 students.  There are five schools, Wilkinson County High School, William Winans Middle School, Finch Elementary School, Wilkinson County Elementary School, and Martin Luther King Career & Technology Complex.

We are the Home of the Mighty Wildcats with a proud history of academic success! 

"Excellence for All" 

Education Facts

 School District 1

 School Year 180

 Students 894 

 School Attendance  95%

 Graduate Rate 70.8%

 Drop-out Rate

 Teachers Highly Qualified  87.8%

 Teachers with Masters
 Teachers with Doctorate
 Administrators (district office)  3

As of November 2022

 Elementary Schools 2 Students 407
 Middle Schools 1 Students          223
 High Schools 1 Students          264 
Technical Schools 1 Students 101